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call既可用作动词,又可用作名词? call用作动词时,既可作及物动词用,也可作不及物动词用?现对其用法作一简单归纳:

一. 用作及物动词时有以下意义:

1. 叫;呼唤;叫来?例如:

Call a doctor at once. 快点叫个医生来?

I called you but you didn’t hear me. 我喊你,但你却没听见?

Call a taxi for me. 帮我叫辆出租车?

2. 称(某人)为……,取名?例如:

His friends call him Bob. 他的朋友都叫他鲍勃?

3. 认为;称为……?例如:

We called this a success. 我们认为这是一件成功的事?

4. 给……打电话?例如:

I called him this morning. 今天早上我给他打了个电话?

5. 邀请?例如:

Will you call the family to dinner? 你要邀请那一家来吃饭吗?

二. call用作不及物动词时有以下意义:

1. 呼;喊;大叫?例如:

She called to me for help. 她向我呼救?

2. 访问;拜访?例如:

A lady called while you were out. 你不在家的时候,有个女士来访?

3. 要求?例如:

callcall call的用法

Obey when duty calls. 服从工作需要?

4. 打电话?例如:

He promised to call at noon. 他答应中午打电话来?

三. call用作名词时有以下意义:

1. 呼声;叫声?例如:

We heard a call for help last night. 昨晚我们听到呼救声?

2. 访问?例如:

He made several calls during the day. 他在那一天中拜访了好几个人?

3. 电话;通话?例如:

I’ve just had a call from Tom. 我刚刚接到汤姆打来的电话?

4. 需要;要求?例如:

She is a busy woman with many calls on her time. 她是个大忙人,有很多事等着她去办?

四. 含call的常用短语有:

1. call on/upon sb to do sth号召某人干某事;恳求?请(叫)某人干某事?例如: The headmaster called on the students to work harder. 校长号召学生们更努力地学习?

We are calling upon you to help us. 我们恳求你的帮助?

2. call on/upon sb拜访;看望某人; call at somewhere登门拜访?例如: I called on the Smiths yesterday. 我昨天拜访了史密斯一家人?

I called at the Smith’s yesterday. 我昨天去了史密斯家?

callcall call的用法

I called on the doctor yesterday. 我昨天去看了医生?

I called at the doctor’s yesterday. 我昨天去了医务室?

3. call out大声叫喊?例如:

The boy called out for help to the people on the shore. 那个男孩向岸上的人大声呼救?

4. call in 找来;请来(有目的,为了某一任务)?例如:

Your father is ill, you should call in a doctor at once. 你父亲病了,你应该马上请个大夫来?

The police have been called in to help make it clear. 已请来了警察帮忙把这件事弄清楚?

5. call for要求,需要;提倡,号召; 叫(某人);接(某人,某物);喊着要……?例如: People are calling for freedom of all slaves. 人们要求解放所有的奴隶?

Your plan will call for a lot of manpower and money. 你的计划需要花大量的人力和财力?

Success calls for hard work. 成功要靠勤奋?

The workers are calling for strike action in that country. 那个国家的工人们正在号召起来罢工?

Our experiment will call for a lot of money. 我们的实验将需要许多钱? The baby is calling for his mother. 孩子哭着找妈妈?

I will call for you at ten o’clock. 我10点钟来接你?

The man sat down and called for a glass of beer. 那个人坐下来,要了一杯啤酒?

6. call up给……打电话;征召;使想起(往事);叫醒?例如:

On reaching Beijing, she called up her mother. 一到北京,她就给她母亲打了电话?

callcall call的用法

Call me up if you have any questions. 如果你有问题要问,请给我打电话?

In most countries, men are called up at the age of eighteen. 在大多数国家,男子18岁就被征召服役?

His brother was called up right at the beginning of war. 战争一开始,他哥哥就被征召入伍?

The photo calls up the story of my grandmother. 这张照片使我想起了我的祖母? The sound of the birds called up happy memories of my childhood holidays. 鸟叫声使我想起我童年时度假的美好回忆?

What time shall I call you up? 我几点叫你起床?

The doctor was called up four times last night to attend the case. 医生昨晚被叫了四次来料理这个病人?

8. call away 叫走;把……叫开?例如:

She was called away from the meeting to answer an urgent phone call. 她被叫出会场去接一个紧急电话?

9. call back 叫回,召回;回电话?例如:

They called him back from America. 他们把他从美国召回来?

She said she’d call back. 她说她会再打电话来?

10. call off 取消?例如:

The game was called off because of bad weather. 因天气恶劣,比赛被取消了?


1. The Party and government ____the people to control population growth.

A. called off B. called for

C. called up D. called at

callcall call的用法

2. I meant____ you, but I was so busy.

A. to call on B. calling on

C. to call at D. calling at

3. —My sister is a typist at a foreign firm.

—I know this sort of work____ skill and speed.

A. asks for B. calls for

C. looks for D. waits for

4. —Did you____ your sister when you were in Shanghai?

—Yes, and I also____ my uncle’s during my stay there.

A. call on; called on B. dropped on; visit

C. call on; called at D. call at; called on